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Googatha Moola Munda

Ceduna Marina Development
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Ceduna Marina Development
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Googatha People, Culture and Country under threat

On the shore of Murat Bay, next to Ceduna a proposed development of the Ceduna Keys marina complex threatens to desecrate a traditional burial ground / cemetery and a unique fresh water spring.


These are both registered sites and should be respected as such by community and council.

This land has been degraded by partial clearing, mining, grazing and off road vehicles has still remaining intertidal chenopod scrubland,

which is habitat to such birds as

Thornbills and Chats.

There is remnant mangrove woodland, dunes and native grasses, a segregated wetlands and clumps of

Mallee, Eucalyptus and Acacia with mammals and reptiles still living in the area.

Murat Bay is recognised by Birds Australia as a significant bird wading site,

it is recognised also as a significant site of nationally and internationally classified rare species such as the Ruddy Turnstone, Sooty Oystercatcher, Grey Plover, Blue Billed Duck and the Musk Duck.


Around the site of the proposed development 128 species of bird and plants have been recorded including species regarded as rare or vunerable. It is feared that a construction of this sort with the land clearing and channel digging would cause change in the intertidal and sandbar ecosystems that destroy habitat and disturb food sources. This would lead to a change in species those more sensitive, rare and vunerable species likely to be replaced by common adaptable birds.

The channelling involved will affect the tidal flow of seagrass, a build up of this to a large proportion will cause the death of the sandbar ecosystem and release hydrogen sulphide gases from the rotting vegetation. This is a health risk that will affect the air quality.


The first stage of construction would result in dredging and the construction of breakwaters, the channel and artificial waterways.

126 residential allotments and 180 waterfront apartments, commercial and recreational marinas and supporting infrastructure are proposed.


There are concerns that the town doesn’t have the resources to accommodate the rise in population medical facilities and water, which has been an issue due to continuous pipeline bursts in the past and the heavy restrictions already in place.  The Koonibba mission west of Ceduna has had problems in the past with lack of water pressure.


The dredging for channels in the bay will have serious repercussions on the local fishing and oyster farming industry. This would be a sad loss for the Ceduna community, cultural ally, economically and environmentally.

The E.I.S. has recently been released submissions can be sent to:

The minister for Urban Development and Planning…

Attention:  Manager, Assesment Branch

GPO Box 1815

Adelaide, 5001

0r e-mail:

Submissions need top be in by August 2, 2005


Also chek the marina web site:

for their side of the story.