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Googatha Moola Munda

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The sand and mineral mining company, Iluka, have had exploration licenses in the south of Barton, and as well, Dominion Gold's Challenger gold mine that has been running in the north west of this region for six years now. Both these companies have just renewed and extended their licenses, and each now covers just under 2000km2, which is putting our country, our sacred sites under major threat. Other mining exploration licenses have been granted to Red Metal, International Resources and Inco Ltd, in a non-transparent process whereby the South Australian government department for resources, P.I.R.S.A.,Ignored the recommendations of the South Australian environment department, D.E.H., regarding environmental guidelines, and instead consulted the sand and mineral mining resource company Adelaide Resources Ltd. who have been also granted an exploration license covering nearly 2000km2 in country. The implementation of this will encompass the whole Yumburra, Yellabinna, Pureba region. Recent news announced that Uranium Exploration is to begin at Yalabrinda South, north east of Ceduna by Southern Gold Ltd. Mining exploration creates all type of degradation, unearthing of heavy metals and toxic stone tailings can poison creatures and pollute topsoil and spread in the food chain or with heavy rain. Weeds can enter the region via tyres, with increased traffic and bush cleared for exploration allows them easy access and inviting for more feral creatures. Not to mention the rubbish and waste, the sure trail of humanity.

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