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Googatha Moola Munda

Native Title

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Native Title
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This country is not ours to give

nor theirs to take.

We don't know these people who are making Decisions about our country. They have not been out here. We invited them out but they did not come.

Aunty Sue Haseldine, Googatha Elder

The Australian system of Native Title has let us down since it first began, by refusing to register our family group claim.

The Native Title legal system then enforced an amalgamation of our claim with other tribes,

 which distorted tribal land boundaries,

 allowing government to approach the wrong people in

Consultation about the Yumburra, Yellabinna, Pureba region.


The Native Title regime didn't show respect to our elders; to our culture.

 Last year the government gathered Googatha Elders from all around at Spear Creek to mark out our traditional boundaries for the Native Title system.

When it was done they ignored them as they did about 4 years before at Glendambo.

In the early nineteen nineties after the enforced Native Title amalgamation, the Yellabinna, region was degazetted by the South Australian government to change it from a National Park to a Regional Reserve so as to allow mining exploration licenses to be granted within.


In May, two Googatha Elders presented Richard Mills, of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, with a traditional dot painting depicting the Rock holes of the Yumburra, Yellabinna, Pureba region pointing out those being considered for protection and those left out and their connections. They asked for support in securing total protection of the region, there has been no response from this Government Department not even a letter of thanks, recognizing the gift of traditional artwork.