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Googatha Moola Munda

Our Lands, Our Heritage
Our Lands, Our Heritage
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The Yumburra, Yellabinna, and Pureba region north of Ceduna

900km west of Adelaide in South Australia. 



The Yumburra, Yellabinna, Pureba region is intrinsic to our culture. It’s rock holes, sacred sites and the paths between, are very special to us. Our bush foods and bush medicines are out there. It is our school for our children. When we were young the old people would take us out there to hide us from the Australian government officers who were coming to the mission to take us away from our families. They taught us about the land like show and tell.




This region is a delicate desert ecosystem of mallee bushland, dunes, clay pans, salt lakes and granite outcrops.

Where the rock holes

Euria, Munjela, Kooniba, Inila and Little Inila, Nala and Little Nala, Yellabinna, Joodia and Dinah

are sources of precious water and sacred sites traditionally managed by the Googatha.

It is the largest area of Mallee bushland left Australia wide, ecologically significant as it joins the eastern and western Mallee country and secures the diversity in connecting this southern Mallee dune system with the northern Mulga bushland.

Among the Acacia, Eucalypt and Mallee

there are

Kangaroos, Red and Western Greys, Western Pygmy Possums, Wombats, Echidnas and Greater Long Eared Bats.

Due to it’s size (4 million hectares)

It is a haven for endangered, rare and threatened flora and fauna such as the

Mallee Fowl, the Kultarr, the Hairy Footed Dunnart, the Scarlet Chested Parrot, the Pimpin Mallee, Sandlewood Tree and the Long-scaped Isotome.

Also species found only in this area and close by like the Grevillea Treueriana, Guinea Flower and the Dragon Lizard. I

n the biological survey done in 1992 Yellabinna alone was recorded to have 686 plant species (51 introduced), 35 mammal species (6 introduced), 121 bird species (3 introduced), 78 reptile species and 1 frog species.